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Safe Neighborhoods

District 10 - Neighbors
Investing in Safe Neighborhoods

Backing the Blue While Also Holding them Accountable

Like any profession, there are amazing and capable team members, and there are also ones that shouldn’t be in that profession. I support the Dallas Police Department and the incredibly challenging and demanding job they do to keep the citizens of Dallas safe 24-7. However, I also believe we need to address any racial injustices and ensure that we have a citizen oversight board that can review and recommend disciplinary actions.

We need to ensure that our 911 system and response times are closely monitored and that critical calls are being answered promptly. 

We need to continue hiring the best and brightest police, fire, and paramedics and continue to increase the number of officers on patrol and shift some uniformed officers’ duties to public citizens where it makes sense. 

I support investment in areas that promote safer neighborhoods in Dallas: 

  • Decreasing 911 Response times
  • Hiring more fire and police officers
  • Ensuring accountability and social justice in policing 
  • Enhanced residential lighting and safety measures
  • Additional outreach to multi-family apartment managers and residents to ensure safe communities
  • Targeting aggressive drivers, street racers, and distracted drivers
  • Closing adult business at 2 AM
  • Supporting Neighborhood patrols

    Quality of Life 

    Understanding the needs of those living in Lake Highlands is important to me and during my campaign I intend to listen and learn about what’s important to the many different areas of Lake Highlands.  As a 16-year resident of Lake Highlands and parent of two children that attend RISD schools, I support increased investment in areas that improve the quality of life for citizens in Dallas including: 

    • Parks and increased green space
    • Bike and walking trails
    • Protected bike lanes and cycling infrastructure 
    • Increased hours and services at Recreation Centers 
    • Increased hours and services at Libraries
    • Increased access and investment in Public Transportation
    • Repairing Streets, Alleys, and Sidewalks
    • Increased Code Enforcement and 311
    • Neighborhood beautification and clean ups


    District 10 Quality of Life

    Dallas needs to increase investment in areas that directly impact the quality of life of its citizens.   

    Lower Taxes

    District 10 Taxes

    Government at all levels needs to be accountable to the people that pay the bills – YOU the taxpayer!  At a local government level we need to: 

    • Find new and innovative ways to streamline services and reduce the cost of government
    • Have increased citizen participation in the annual city budget process
    • Stop giving corporate tax breaks to companies that don’t need incentives to do business in the city of Dallas 
    • Ensure that every tax dollar is invested as intended and with a high level of scrutiny and transparency 
    • Become a city that leads the way on best practices  

      Your input in the budget process and how the City Council votes to spend  tax revenues is on the top of my mind and I’ll fight to lower taxes and make every dollar we do collect go further.

      Making City Government Accountable and Transparent

      As the former Vice-Chair of the Citizen Participation Committee of the Community Development Commission, I worked diligently with my fellow commissioners to ensure that the tens of millions of dollars that the city of Dallas received from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) were being used efficiently and effectively to benefit the citizens of Dallas. 

      It’s critical for public involvement that citizens of Dallas have access to and awareness of public meetings, and their voices are heard. As a City of Dallas Community Development Commissioner, I championed increasing the amount of emphasis placed on social media comments and surveys to provide feedback when making decisions on important programs.

       I’m supportive of ideas and ways to increase accountability and transparency at City Hall, including: 

      • Increasing outreach to neighborhood associations, apartment managers, and concerned citizens
      • Focusing on the entire district and not just where the pockets of wealth or home owners exist
      • Increased citizen involvement in the budgeting process
      • Increased focus on listening to the issues affecting citizens in Lake Highlands 
      • Quarterly District 10 Commissioners Meetings – open to the public 
      • Continue the efforts of Councilman McGough promoting collective impact working groups for increased neighborhood and community involvement. 

      I understand how important it is for citizens to easily engage in the political process and see first-hand what is happening with their tax dollars. However, politicians and city staff are ultimately accountable to the people they serve. Therefore, we must hold our government officials responsible for their actions and ensure that feedback can be easily provided.

      Dallas City Hall
      It’s YOUR Tax Dollars! Let’s put them to work or give them back to YOU!

      No politician should ever profit from their position and influence outside of their city paid salary and benefits.  I will ensure that corruption and improprieties are brought to light.  

      Economic Development

      Lake Highlands is a thriving community and businesses are beginning to see our community as a wonderful investment opportunity. 

      As a Lake Highlands Chamber Board member, I saw a need for a way to support new and existing restaurants in the community.  After several months of worked with restaurants and non-profits, Lake Highlands Restaurant Week was created and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Lake Highlands non-profits and brought in significant foot traffic and revenue to our restaurant partners. 

      I support economic development in Lake Highlands including: 

      • Promoting areas of needed development to investment groups and developers. 
      • Ensure that economic development is equitable throughout Lake Highlands and areas of need are not ignored 
      • Renovating and investing in areas that need revitalization
      • Working with businesses to create well-paying jobs and economic opportunities for those living and working in Lake Highlands. 


      Lake Highlands has a thriving business community and as your representative on City Council I will ensure that our community continues to be a great place to work and play. 

      A Clean and Sustainable Dallas

      The time to take action on climate change and sustainability in Dallas is NOW! The Dallas Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP) was unanimously approved by City Council on May 27, 2020 and is a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the activities that the City will undertake to improve quality of life, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to prepare for the impacts of climate change, and to create a healthier and more prosperous community. 

      As the Chairman of the Climate Reality DFW – Plastics Working Group, I advocated for the passage of the CECAP and am now fighting to ensure that we implement what’s been approved and continue to refine and enhance the CECAP overtime. 

      As the 9th largest city in the United States, Dallas needs to lead on climate change and environmental policy areas. What happens in Dallas makes a difference in the World, and we need to have a BOLD approach to sustainability and getting to carbon neutral.

      I support investment in areas that promote a clean and sustainable environment in Dallas:

      • Fully funding the Office of Environmental Quality & Sustainability
      • Aggressively implementing, monitoring, and supporting the Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP)
      • Ensuring that new multi-family housing has adequate EV charging stations
      • Advocating for multi-family Recycling & Zero Waste Programs
      • Increasing public awareness of how recycling and bulk trash works in the City of Dallas with the goal of increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of waste going to landfills 
      • Ensuring the City of Dallas utilizes all of its resources to focus on sustainability and reducing climate impacts.
      • Development and enforcement of a “good neighbor policy” to clean local businesses’ areas. 
      • Supporting Commercial Recycling & Zero Waste Programs
      • Increased funding for Public Transportation 

      Dallas needs to be a world-leader on climate change and sustainability and ensure that we get to our Zero-Waste and carbon neutral goals. 

      Affordable Housing and Reducing Homelessness

      As former Community Development Commissioner for the City of Dallas appointed by Councilman Adam McGough and representing District 10, reducing homelessness and providing shelter for the unsheltered is my passion. 

      The cost of housing in Dallas is rising faster than wages, and for many workers in the City of Dallas, housing is taking up a more significant percentage of paychecks each month. With fewer options on where to live, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the working class to find safe, affordable housing. In addition, several developments have been turned down just because they include a portion of affordable housing. 

      Affordable housing has a lot of misconceptions, and one of them is that affordable housing developments are similar to past projects where 100% of the units are for those on housing vouchers or need public assistance. This is no longer true, and the majority of affordable housing units are for those with jobs such as teachers, police officers, sanitation workers, bus drivers, and other hard-working citizens who are just trying to make ends meet. 

      We need to make sure that we are including affordable housing and multi-family units where it’s reasonable and move towards making our neighborhoods more inclusive and representative of those that live and work in our communities. 

      I support investment in areas that increase the affordable housing options in Dallas and reduce homelessness, including: 

      • Making sure that citizens that are struggling in Lake Highlands  have access to the resources they need including eviction resources, homelessness prevention, transitional housing, food, and shelter during inclimate weather. 
      • Promoting pilot programs including tiny houses, duplexes, and other ideas that increase affordable living units
      • Enhanced financial support for increasing caseworkers and emergency shelter capacity
      • Work with local churches and community groups to address homelessness issues and needs
      • Greater outreach to the homeless population, panhandlers, and encampments 
      • Increased rental assistance for low-income individuals and families 
      • Neighborhood revitalization and tax abatement efforts to reduce gentrification so seniors can age in place
      • Increased funding for affordable housing
      • Transitional housing development in Lake Highlands
      • To reduce homelessness in Dallas, we need more affordable housing units. I have been holding the Housing Department accountable and asking them every chance that I had to provide updates on the five-year, 20,000 affordable unit goal the city put forth several years ago.



      Affordable Housing - District 10

      Affordable housing is housing for our teachers, caregivers, restaurant workers, sanitation workers, transportation workers, and possibly the person sitting next to you right now.  

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